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After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Paige Mayfield embarked on her first entrepreneurial endeavor: Civilian, a boutique for men and women in Charlotte. This experience in apparel drew her to New York City, where she broadened her retail experience at Barneys New York. A longtime raw foodist, she was drawn to her kindred spirit, and now writing partner, Nikki Gumpel. They have since opened and operated Simple (a Manhattan raw-vegan juice bar), created several raw food business concepts and are currently developing a series of vegan cookbooks, aimed at demystifying the vegan diet and changing current perceptions of vegan and raw food. With an emphasis on juicing, Mayfield seeks to encourage others not only to improve their personal health, but the vitality of the environment too.

MY PROCESS: “A strong commitment to protecting the world around me has shaped my perceptions of nourishment to only include foods that truly feed my body and allow for the improved health of the environment.”

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