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Private Process

Meet Private Process, a chance for human connection and guidance through our Live The Process ethos. So, whether you’d like personalized professional guidance through our Live The Process collection or want to consult a life stylist to connect to your core spiritual style, we’re here to meet your needs on a completely individual basis. To reach us text (310) 866-7832.

How It Works?

Reach out via email, phone or chat to make an appointment. You'll connect with one of our Private Process guides for one of our exclusive services:
— Private Shopping
— Life Styling
Both guides are real people who will get to know you.

Private Shopping

Jackie Marie will help you Look The Process:
— Introduction to the collection. A rundown on the latest releases.
— Fit consultations. If you’re eying a certain piece, but wondering if it will be flattering or even what size to buy, she can help.
— Wardrobe suggestions. How can Live The Process fill the gaps in your closet? Do you need day-to-night looks? Workout-to-meeting?
— Styling tips. How to pair a piece with your existing wardrobe.
— Personalized recommendations/updates. Suggestions on new items that might fit your taste based on your previous requests.

Life Styling

Natasha Royt will help you Be The Process:
— In an initial Awareness Consultation, bring attention to areas in your life that benefit from focus to live with more joy.
— Address the Live The Process pillars—the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual—in your life, examining self-care, relationships, limiting vs. limitless belief patterns and more.
— Offer curated tools and practical exercises to help you work independently in these areas OR work with Natasha as an ongoing guide, as she helps you explore these practices in your life.

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