Richard Peterson - Chapel Hill

Richard Peterson is a certifiable health nut. The ex-Wall Street banker turned wellness über-advocate was an active child, but, as a young adult, grew 50 pounds overweight. At that time, personal tragedy struck and he lost both his parents. At his lowest point, he was introduced by a close friend to a clinical nutritionist, and began an intense journey of self-exploration, discovery and healing. He became immersed in alternative therapies, human bio-mechanics, nutrition and more. Eventually, he left his job at Credit Suisse and became a Certified Personal Trainer. “I was happy and healthy and awake!” he recalls. Over the years, he has worked for many organizations including the Children’s Aid Society and most recently the Joey Lowenstein Foundation for autism. After spending two years as a trainer at Equinox in Tribeca, , he and his nutritionist co-founded a private wellness practice in NYC. He is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition while simultaneously launching his own lifestyle approach entitled Body Re-Engineering.

MY PROCESS: “We all can personally decide, even at our most vulnerable, how we grow, how we evolve as individuals and how to accept the process of life; ultimately becoming champion of our own story. I have dedicated my work to helping others break down barriers (many of which are self-imposed); as I myself strive to do daily.”

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