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For over fifteen years, Robyn Berkley has worked at the forefront of the luxury fashion and lifestyle industries as a leading brand consultant in New York City.

Back in 2001, Berkley began to practice yoga and incorporate clean eating and healing into her progressively holistic lifestyle. Over the next decade, a growing interest in wellness sparked a desire to deepen her practice, focus on her own development and connect to something larger. Finally, in 2011, Berkley acknowledged that after so many years of working around the clock to meet the needs of her clients, she had neglected her own well-being.

With that in mind, she travelled to Bali, where she committed herself to becoming more centered and finding her true sense of self. There, Berkley became a certified yoga instructor and bolstered her physical and emotional health.

Once back home in New York, she continued to explore the wellness world: Just as in her work she studies the fashion industry’s trends and movements, Berkley researched the major principles of seeking a balanced life. She began meeting and conferring with experts in every field from fitness and natural beauty to acupuncture and energy healing, becoming as informed as possible.

Now, inspired by the marked improvements in her own lifestyle, Berkley has launched Live The Process, an online health and wellness resource for impossibly busy, but balance-seeking people, like herself. She applied her expertise in PR and branding to the project, highlighting areas where people craved more accessible information.

Berkley simultaneously launched her own brand consulting company RBBR, which takes a holistic and tailored approach to PR, combining a boutique mentality with a collaborative nature. She represents a curated roster of unique and memorable brands that share her balanced approach to business.

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