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After a tumultuous period in her life, during which she overcame serious autoimmune issues, Shiva Rose started her blog, The Local Rose, to get closer to the earth and all its beauty. Her holistic lifestyle healed her physically and spiritually and led her to want to help others. This desire took her on a journey that included solitary walks in forests, swims in clean seas, growing her own food and meditations through her Kundalini yoga practice. One day—after a moment of stillness—she received a message to bring beauty and luminosity to women in a way that is nourishing and nurturing. So, she created a line of nontoxic beauty products, all hand-blended using powerful essential oils that benefit the skin and spirit.

MY PROCESS: “To be able to tap into the abundance of light and love that exists in our selves when we have a spiritual practice. Making a point of having and acknowledging pleasure in life. Realizing this is a good thing.”

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