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High-profile skin and body care specialist Thuyen Nguyen has been creating natural-based products since age ten. As a child, he watched his beautiful mother apply colorful and textural mixtures to her near perfect skin. Pulling from his roots, extensive training in the healing arts and an inherent sense of balance, he began to adjust and enhance her time-honored recipes, using effective, pure ingredients. He’d found his calling. Already an established celebrity beauty expert, in 2006, Nguyen was named creative director/developer of the Shibui spa for Robert De Niro’s lauded Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. And, in summer 2013, after 18 successful years of customizing products and treatments for celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman and Uma Thurman, Nguyen launched the first Vietnamese-French luxury spa brand in the west: La Don Spa, the Hamptons. The escape was an immediate success. Simultaneously, Nguyen also launched his body care line, La Don, and skincare collection, THUYEN (a seven skew facial brand that reflects his holistic knowledge). Both brands represent a lifestyle rooted in the philosophy that transcending, healing energy is a natural fountain that eternally flows through all of us. The key to tapping into this source is to synergistically work with the body’s natural flow. (The naturally-derived, paraben-free and harmful chemical-free products have been featured in publications from Vogue to W Magazine.) Thuyen's philosophy is keep it simple, make it pure and help skin do what it’s meant to: protect and reflect your health and beauty from within.

MY PROCESS: “I believe in balance. Ultimately, I decide what is best for myself, while encouraging the same independence in others. Beauty is beyond skin deep; just keep discovering until you find what works for you.”

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