Zander Gladish - New York

Zander Gladish is a board certified holistic health and wellness coach, registered yoga instructor—certified in Reiki and Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage—and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) specialist. He loves learning, practicing and guiding others toward becoming their optimal selves through nutrition, movement, energy work and purpose-oriented lifestyle choices. Gladish lives his truth through constant practice and refinement, recognizing the ever-evolving process. He believes that we all have the power to live vibrant lives with optimal health as long as we commit to maintaining our own wellbeing. Gladish grew up very active in the Bay Area and blends his love of movement into his nutrition and wellness practice. Most people in today’s society are conditioned to living with suboptimal health. His passion is to educate and empower everyone to reach their perfect health, and in doing so, feel amazing. Because people are all different, he works one-on-one with each client’s specific needs.

MY PROCESS: “My process is an evolution of Flow. I live in the moment, enjoying the fullness of life, while fully owning my choices. If my glass is half empty, then I have more space I can fill...bottoms up!”

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